October 30, 2005

{Montreal.Confectionery} Echidna

When I saw a rabbit in our elevator last week, I already knew what it is called in English. Even when I saw a rhino on Dundas square the other day, I knew its name in English.

I have to be honest here. In Montreal, I saw something and I immediately fell in love with it. I didn't know it's name, but I bought it and I ate it. I don't necessarily do this to things that I love. For example, I have a basketball that I love; that's why I bought it, but I've never even imagined eating it.

Anyways ... until this past minute, I did not know what echidnas are called in English. I just found out that they are also called spiny anteaters! My choclate echidna was yummy as the photo suggests. This place was also mag.nif.i.cent. Can someone refresh my slippery memory? It was very close to McGill I guess. Most echidnas live in New Guinea and Australia. They can't survive Montreal tourists. I ate the last one. Poor extinct Montrealer echidnas!

October 24, 2005

{} Player Dress Code

The league is agains hip-hop fashion! Take a look at the recent player dress code and also Shaq's different look. It seems that any one who earns double-comma-salaries should be business-approachable even if he is an injured basketball player watching the game from the side-line.

Moral of this post: Dictatorship is a purple thing, in all its forms.

October 21, 2005

{soccer.fever} An Incredible Dribble

Don't miss this amazing dance:
Football Dribble in LeidsePlein Amsterdam

Special thanks to Behdad for the link.

October 19, 2005

{longtime.nosee} FC Bayern

Long time no soccer post. But, hey! My favorite club crashes Juve and I can't remain silent. I have to talk trash to Juve fans. Bayern rules. Karimi wasn't playing, but still Bayern ruled the game. They should have scored 4 or 5 goals if they were lucky. These Italians are always on luck. I am so happy for the 3 Euro/month that I have paid for the FCB Champions, I can watch the whole Champions League match featuring Bayern. Yayyyyyyyyyy ... Though I still haven't found the time to do it :( I have spent a lot of time on marking the past day. I have a thesis to complete. Damn. Maybe I shouldn't have paid the money. What? Am I crazy? Say yes.

October 18, 2005

{} Crows or Ravens?

What's the difference between crows and ravens? I always thought they are equal, but today and before commenting on a fave blog, I thought that I google it and here is THE ANSWER!

There is also useful info in that FAQ page if you are interested in raising a crow as a pet!

October 17, 2005

{handy.translations} Fat Nose

My nose is fat. Thanks for asking, Farhad. It's just that I am devoting a lot of time on my thesis these days. I have to finish up soon.

October 11, 2005

{team.melli} Iran vs South Korea

It's on Wednesday. I have missed watching our team-melli.

Update: Iran lost 2-0. Thanks to Ali I watched the game.

October 07, 2005

{geeky.posts} Dear MATLAB

It's time for another geeky post. I want to write to MATLAB family and again ask them why they can't work with their relatives: Matrox grabber and Dalstar camera. But I guess my left arm and my ring finger (the little finger too) are more important at this stage. So, I keep this post short.

October 06, 2005

{medical.doctors} Ulnar nerve

This post is boring to most of my friends. I am asking it here, since I think the Canadian health care system is very stupid and will take a lot to see a specialist. I am sure those of you with an MD degree (or even if you still are studying towards your MD degree) would know more than the physicians I have been to.

So, here is my problem. I feel "pins and needles" constantly in my little finger. At some point my ring finger also was numb, but hopefully after some precautions (not leaning on my elbow too often), my ring finger is back to normal sensations. Apparantly, I have been pressing too severly for too long on my Ulnar nerves. To avoid a surgury, I would do whatever to release that nerve from touching the funny bone. Here is how you can help me. Tell me in what arm postures, I should keep my arm. For the record, I will not be typing with two hands from now on. Also, if you could tell me if strengthening some muscles would help isolate the funny bone from the nerve, I may be able to retrieve the normal sensations. Thanks.

The source of these information is not the physicial who considered me a two year kid, I googled it and found this.

October 05, 2005

{nightly.none} sense

How many hours a day do you sleep?

If you read the above question carefully, you would know that most of us should say zero. Unless some of us treats himself/herslef with an afternoon nap (which literally happens during the day). It's very strange that they don't ask how many hours a night one sleeps. It's very strange.

Having this said and knowing that stranger causes cause somewhat less strange effects, I should say that I do sleep during the day and I don't sleep at night. So, you are more than welcome to ask me how many hours a day I find the time to sleep. I am either an owl, a shark, or not to mention the mighty Lord Dracula.

October 03, 2005

گل قالی

بالاخره دیروز به جای بازی کردن با گل قالی موفق شدم که مقاله کذایی رو بفرستم برای استادم. آقای مسوول مجموعه مقالات هم امروز صبح برام یه ایمیل گذاشته که "تنبل خان گشادالدوله پس کو این مقاله ای که توی مقدمه اش نوشته بودی که علم رو تکون دادی؟ ها؟ کو پس؟ من چرا جلوی مقاله شماره 6502-6 این فایلت رو نمی بینم؟ خالی بند عوضی!یالا اگه راست گفتی زودی مقاله ت رو بفرست."

حالا جدی، طرف رسما گفته که

"... we need to receive it
, or we will do the nasty thing to your bottom."

چرا من نمی تونم جدی حرف بزنم؟

باری به هر جهت ... حالا من هم منتظرم که استاد اجازه مشاع کردن کشفمون رو صادر کنه. بعد از چاپ این مقاله قراره که دنیا جای بهتری برای زندگی کردن باشه. حداقل این چیزیه که من از اونا شنیدم.

الف شین

October 02, 2005

آزاد انار دارد

من تایپ فارسی بلد نیستم و احساس شرم می کنم
من تایپ فارسی بلد نیستم و از ... این چ ج ح خ خ خ خ خ اینجاست
من تایپ فارسی بلد نیستم و از خودم خجالت می کشم
من باید یاد بگیرم که خوب و سریع تایپ کنم

من همه شما را که متن به این مسخرگی را تا آخر خواندید دوست دارم

October 01, 2005

{nonesense.nonesense} Half-millionaire

Suru: Good morning.

Mohan: Morning. Did you know that you talk in sleep. That's not normal.

Suru: Yeah, I know. That's what my past roomies have told me as well. It happens when I am stressed out for some reason.

Mohan: Are you stressed out now? You look happier than ever!

Suru: Oh my friend, you have no idea. You have no idea what I have gone through the past week or so.

Mohan: And what have you gone through? You said that you were closing a deal worth of thousands of dollars.

Suru: That's what I imagined at first. It turned out that the contract's worth half a million dollars.

Mohan: Woooaaa! You are a half millionaire now! You don't need to have a roomie any longer. You can buy your own place.

Suru: Yeah, I wish ...

Mohan: What's wrong Suru? Why do you look so upset? You should be very happy now Mr. Millionaire!

Suru: Stop calling me THAT! I hate it when people call me that. It's not me they are calling, but my money.

Mohan: I am sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. So what do you plan to do with your money?

Suru: You are annoying me! Would you please back off?

Mohan: Hey, easy buddy. Easy! What's wrong with you? I can't talk to you normally, cuz you are a millionaire now?

Suru: I am not, butt-head.

Mohan: No?

Suru: They outsourced the project to a small firm in India for two hundred Gs. I did not seal the contract. I am not and will not be a millionaire.

Mohan: Oh man! I am so sorry about that. Hey, look at the bright side. We can still share the rent and keep the place!

Suru: Sharing an apartment with an alcoholic drunk guy. Very bright.

Mohan: Mind you!

Suru: I am cool. Let's not talk for the rest of the day or we will be fighting.