November 23, 2005

{} Facial expression

If you are a Paris Hilton fan, or even if you are not, you may find this interesting.

Hey, I got this from the winner of 2004 best Canadian blog. There are lots of interesting posts out there. Check it out!

{our.arteen} 10 days old

Ok folks, by popular demand, here I present the 10-day old Arteen I the greet. My nephew is so serious! Love ya, muaaaaaaaaaaaah


November 22, 2005

{} Champions League

Karimi played 82 minutes and netted the second when Bayern trashed Rapid Wien 4:0 in the Champions League. It was his first European Champs appearance. I still haven't seen the match, but I am sure he did well to stay on the pitch for 82 minutes. Bayern and Juve have already clinched the final 16, but on Dec. 7 it will be concluded who wins the group. Bayern faces Club Brugge (away) and Juve faces Rapid Wien.

Meta: I so much like Bayern's black jerseys. Fashionable.

Update: I just saw the goal! Splendid work. The English commentator said a year ago he was an Iranian superstar and that goal of his would make him a superstar here in Bayern too! When a Bayern player scores in the Allianz Arena, the first name is shouted from the stadium's speakers and then the 66,000 crowd shout his family name. Three times. Then, they applaude. To hear Karimi's name shouted out loud like that, I was goose bumpy all over.

November 21, 2005

Who the man? Thanks K!

November 20, 2005

{canadian.spelling} It's Brit

Learning the correct spelling of words in English has caused me few problems in the past. I used to like the American laziness and omitted the "u" from the "ou" words such as colour. Now, I am quite the opposite. I like to write them the British way. It's a matter of taste and it changes over time.

Now, I like to write "colour" not "color"; "behaviour" not "behavior"; and "neighbour" not "neighbor".

It's more eye-pleasing the "ou" way (to me at least)!

When I was sending an email to my supervisor the other day, I felt something is wrong in my spelling of words. I was asking something about my defence session. It just came out of the monitor when I was proof-reading my email. How on earth could I have made such a mistake? It's defense not defence! Wait. Not exactly! Defence looks not too strange though!

I couldn't decide the correct spelling and I wanted to find the answer through Google. I told myself, "Let's try a few words before Googling everything."

We say fencing, right? It's with "c", so how could I have written it all wrong before as defense? Ha Ha Ha, what a stupid I have been before.

No! Looking at defense I again saw no problems. If there were anything wrong with the spelling, it would have popped out of the monitor natourally, just like "natourally" popping out of your monitor now! But, defense stayed there. At that moment, I convinced myself that defense was correct.

What about defence then? I tried offence, and then offencive to see if they look familiar. Offencive really looks piculiar, right? It's gotta be offensive not offencive, therefore, offence is a wrong spelling.

At that moment, I confused myself, and I think I am confusing you now as well. So, here is what I deducted after surfing some websites:

Defence and offence are the correct British English spellings.
Defense and offense are the correct American English spellings.
Defensive and offensive are the correct spelling in both! I even checked Oxford dictionary to make sure that defencive and offencive should not be used at all. However, Google still returns 74,200 websites that wrongly use offencive. A common mistake I would say.

November 17, 2005

{} Arteen

You got that right. This is my lovable nephew, Arteen I "the great" of Kurdshire, son of the king and the queen. He is a few seconds old at the picture and there is a tiny little thing attached to him (not seen on the picture, due to motion blurring of his right foot, I guess). He has promised his uncle to become strong over the next month and get ready to ride the white pony, born ironically on the same day.

He just turned 7 days and 9 hours at the time I posted this.


November 09, 2005

{irrelevant.nonesense} It's not Monday

The one who sleeps at his/her desk has forgotten the pleasant feeling of sleeping on a couch.

The one who sleeps on a couch has forgotten the pleasant feeling of sleeping in a bed.

The one who sleeps in a bed has forgotten the pleasant feeling of working on his thesis all way through morning.

It is a closed circle.