June 08, 2007

On becoming a morning person

Although I slept for a good 7 hours yesterday, I am a bit slow this morning. I feel like I am an addict in a rehab program! Yet, my recent attempt at changing to a morning person is still a success. I slacked off quite a bit yesterday, but at the end of the day the achievements were acceptable. I solved a couple of problems with the code that captures and shows a live feed of our FireWire cameras. I was struggling with the code for a few days, until it was solved yesterday before lunch. After lunch (Yeah, I did some serious work before lunch), I debugged a couple of minor bugs and had a meeting a lab mate. Best of all, I was home just before the first game of this year's NBA finals between Cleveland Cavs and San Antonio Spurs at 7:00 pm. Had I not worked in the morning, I would have been still debugging the code at that time of the day.

All right, my mind is straight and I can start working.


June 07, 2007

Morning Joe vs. Midnight Lord Dracula

I know I haven't been writing much lately. I have all sorts of excuses: from exams, to pure laziness, to following NBA playoffs, to changing my daily schedule to normal morning hours. And why on earth does it have to do with not writing as frequently as I used to?

Because, I have been sleepy during morning hours and tired in the afternoon. I have been working inefficiently during the past month. I failed the morning schedule, period. The awakening call for me was Chris's yesterday comment. It was true, the morning schedule didn't quite work for me and I gradually became the midnight person again. Maybe there is a biological clock, but I used to do the same when I was working on a totally different time zone. I am to blame, nothing/no one else. It is not healthy to stay at work on midnights or sleep in the office. I don't want to be a workaholic. So, I am giving the morning schedule another shot.

I came to the lab before 7 am this morning. I have been wasting a good half an hour, but I feel like working now. They say it takes one month to get used to a new schedule. Well, I am not sure if I can afford to not work efficiently for another month. This is the second and last chance I will give to myself.

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