June 09, 2008

Smithsonian National Air and Space Muesum

One of the highlights of my DC trip, was a 1-day visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. I watched an IMAX 3D presentation of the International Space Station (Space Station 3D) which was a blast! Seeing the Canadarm2, the Mobile Servicing Module (MSS), and the other Canadian built robotic platforms in 3D action was certainly much more pleasant than reading the technical papers. I have a better idea of how these modules work, and where our NSERC/CRD research with CSA stands.

P.S. I guess I was lucky to be there when the Space Station 3D was on schedule! I can't seem to find it to link to it!

P.P.S. Well, the link to that IMAX presentation is here.


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