August 26, 2005

{daily.zen} A Guy Called Harry

Harry Potter? No, not that Harry. It's another guy called Harry, the quiet and calm Saeed Harati. Why did we call him Harry? I don't know, we were not and are not pro American. Far from it. Maybe because there were lots of Saeed's in our highschool, but only one was Saeed Harati. Only one was Harry.

He sent me a deep gmail and I want to share the philosophy with others:

Quote: "It's good to think of writing to you. The problem, I dont like words. Just the communication itself ;]"

August 25, 2005

{newsletter.libraries} Book Proposals


IEEE Press is actively seeking book proposals from authors to fulfill its recently approved three-year strategic plan. The strategic plan means that the IEEE will support a continuing book program that builds on the success of IEEE Press's strongest books series and emphasizes development of professional books that provide readers with an introduction to new technologies. The network of IEEE volunteers who support IEEE Press will be expanded, and prospective authors are invited to submit proposals for new books. Especially valuable are books that offer a comprehensive introduction to technologies entering the commercial marketplace, as well as practical, "how-to" books that aid technologists in performing their jobs. IEEE Press books are published under a joint imprint with John Wiley & Sons. For more information on IEEE Press, visit here.


I don't know why I thought this might be interesting to some!!!

August 24, 2005

{} We are not working, why should you?

Someone from Google has been here! This is from my Nedstat data:

24 August 12:25 Google Inc., Mountain View, United States

The subject line is borrowed from Cecila's blog.

August 23, 2005

{code.error} MATLAB to lose focus?


You have been my favorite development tool and friend for quite a while. You are still my favorite. I have developed almost all of my thesis code with you and that is why I need you the most at the moment.

You disappointed me today. You told me that you have lost focus! How can you be so selfish to lose focus when I need you? How can you or any other software package ever lose focus?

I tried what you said, hoping that your focus will be back. I thank you, your engineer parents, and your cousin Matrox and his engineer parents for not letting me down. After doing what you said step-by-step, you did not tell me that you have lost focus anymore, so I assume that you have gained your focus back.

But again, you said that you cannot allocate Matrox device. I want to cry. You have been very selfish lately. I am your friend and he is your cousin for heaven's sake!

Yours Truly,

Anakin Skywalker

August 21, 2005

{midnight.thoughts} Miracle

Originally uploaded by ashademan.

And all I need is a miracle to finish my thesis in two weeks.

August 20, 2005

{} Peykoon

Tehran ATS Car Show 2005
Originally uploaded by Mahdi Ayat's iRAN Project.

A legendry canary Peykan Javanan at full naked display during the Tehran Car Show 2005.

According to Oos Afrasiab-e Pamenari, calling such a masterpiece Peykan is very sisi and the correct terminology is Peykoon.

Photo courtesy of Mahdi Ayat.

August 18, 2005

{friends.blogs} Socialites

Not quite a friend, but Cecilia is my second favorite character of phdcomics. She is a chocoholic and maintains a fun blog.

August 15, 2005

{} Bamdad

This post is devoted to telling the story of yet another phenomenal creature, the amazing nephew of Sara.a! As I have not met him in person, the following is just based on my imagination after seeing a few of his photos.

After eating 7 chocolate bars on a summer day, Bamdad thought to himself how he could conquer the universe. He thought for a few seconds ...

Bamdad thinks.

(it took me two weeks to figure out what he might have been thinking during those few seconds.)

"A movie star! Yes! That's what I am going to be, " he told himself. Determined to realize his decision, he noted that it might actually take not too long before he could appear in a TV show.

Bamdad determined to go into the magic box.

Inside the magic box, he met with Tim Burton and after a quick interview the celebrated director detected his talent. He immediately offered Bamdad a role in Mars Attacks III. Since then, he has been ambitiously practicing his role at every conceivable location of their house.

Bamdad in Mars Attacks!

August 14, 2005

{weekly.update} Back

Okay guys ... I am back! This did remind me of the Viagara ads! I AMMM BACKKKKKKKK!

But obviously, I don't mean quite the same thing. I am back to posting here and I am glad that I feel like writing again.

During the past days, so many things have happened and some things didn't. I did not manage to visit some of my friends who were going to the states after Alireza's goodbye party, basically for the same reason as I could not post. Anyways ... I wanted to post him a comment, but he has democtatorshipingly blocked his comments section! Well, I don't know how I can post SMS to his cell, so hereby (and hoping that he checks here), I say Amou Farid, you are already missed at Toronto. I was talking to Ali the other day, when we both agreed on this.

Now getting to Armita's question asking about this Amou thing that we guys call each other. It's not really a common thing that every guy calls the other amou. For example, I will never be an amou, but I will soon be a daei. I declare that I like to be called Daei Azad but not amou Azad! It is still OK to call me amou Azad though, but I told you my preferences.

Having said the above, I was at a nice party this evening and some friends told me that they visit my blog. It may sound strange to those who do not maintain a blog, it may still sound strange to those who do maintain one, but it feels very good when I hear that a friend visits here. I have heard from other friends that by reading my blog they feel that they are in touch with me. That's true. I post so I am. You should also know that posting a short comment, means a lot to me and enables me to stay in touch with you basically in the same way. Leela, thanks for your comments as well. I never knew that you visited my blog.

P.S. Next post will feature one of the most amazing creatures of the world. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Quite ironically, at the same time I was writing this post, Amou Farid sent me comment to the previous post!

August 08, 2005

{life.daily} Downtown Fun

Originally uploaded by ashademan.

My handsome cockroach, pauses a bit to look at the Manulife Center building, poses for the camera, and continues to climb my apartment's window.

August 05, 2005

{dictionary.urban} Stick in the mud

With the weekend ahead, a very nice weather outside,
two invitations for tonight, two for tomorrow, one for Sunday, and a thesis to write in front of me, I am truely a stick in the mud.

Mind you, I am talking about the first definition!

August 04, 2005

{life.daily} The Overcautious Man

If you are an overcautious man, you do whatever it takes not to forget your key chain. This means that if your key chain is in your pocket and your roomie's key chain is identical to yours, you may pick that one as well, just in case, you know!

This argument may not seem logical, but the funny thing is that this really happened this morning. Behdad called me at the office and asked if I have taken his keys. I checked my right back pocket, where I knew that my key chain is resting, and I saw that it is mine. I even made fun of him for losing his keys, can you believe that? My left back pocket contained my fat wallet, so I didn't even check. The next time he called (after 45 minutes or so), I checked my wallet pocket. There it was! Hiding behind my wallet!

He is a cool guy. Instead of getting mad or anything, he laughed and told me that he organized his room.

August 03, 2005

{life.daily} Burned out ...

One of those days ... although I went to gym to swim, but again I fell asleep in front of school PC! And there are still things to do ... seems like an ocean of tasks to do in such a limited time.

By the way, I have two questions:

(1) sara.a, where are you?
(2) I only know two contacts at University of Windsor. Which one visits my blog?

August 02, 2005

{daily.math} Puzzle

If 33 is six years older than 27, then 27 is six years younger than 33. Being twenty-seven years old, I know that 27 is not necessarily one year younger than 28. In fact, 27 can still be two years older than 28. If 31 is only three years older than 28, how older (younger) is 31 when compared to 27?

When answering the puzzle, do not provide any solutions. I will provide the correct answer, at least after four comments.

August 01, 2005

{} Happy Cake or ...?

This was supposed to be my happy cake. Looking at it again and again, I see no smile and he is frowning at me! Smiling or frowning, he is not among us now. Sleep in piece. 8o|

One piece of good news for you un-sporty people is that I have decided to stop my Ali Karimi coverage at FC Bayern. If by any chance, you still want to be updated sign your name and I will email you his video highlights. I have received so many negative feedback in this regard!!!