June 30, 2006

{random.ramblings} model checking

The funny thing is, I don't know what system I am trying to verify. Is it the software of the robot controller, or the robotic manipulation tasks? How is this going to affect the mechanical design of robots? Higher levels of abstraction might be easier to verify, but would they be sufficient to implement a reliable system?

June 29, 2006

{modelChecking.robotics} Robotic Controllers

Any developer involved in developing complex interactive systems such as robotic controllers agrees that validation and verification of such systems is a huge contribution. Many developers prefer not to get involved in model checking when developing simple applications, but at some point they will realize that as the size of the project grows it will get more and more difficult to test the system. Prototyping a general method that works for all different languages and different robotics setups might not be feasible. We have a specific hardware setup, so I might be able to develop some architecture for our setup in which developing robotic applications is reliable and error-free. I just might.

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