March 23, 2005

{cyber.blogging} newBie

I am all newbie to blogging. I don't like the template I am using. Green is not my colour and the font is too large.

Anyways, I should learn how to code my own template and maybe in a few months come up with my own template that reflects me or better put the format that I like more than other formats!

March 21, 2005

{} Persian New Year: Norouz

The first day of spring, the start of persian new year, and the calendar reads 1384.

Only six hundred years to 1984.

All the sea gulls flew to downtown yesterday, at 7:33 AM EST, to celebrate the start of the season when the wind blows less arrogantly, the sun gets warmer, and the grass is coloured greener. The girl with April in her eyes is somewhere around, probably not with an empty cup of coffee begging for some change, and not at the corner of Yonge and Dundas. I am sure she is around. I smell the spring, even though it's only a few degrees above during the day and it still drops below zero in the midnight.

It is the second spring away from my homeland, the third without the company of my parents and the fourth (or fifth) without shooting photos from my sister in her new lovely cloths. I miss them big time.


{cyber.blogging} Just moved ...

My previous journal on looked more or less like a weblog. I liked the template there, posting/adding images were easy enough, but I didn't like the comments format.

I would be a liar if I said I didn't like people to read my post(s). Would I continue blogging or would I join the frozen-fingered bloggers after this post or after a few days/months of excitement?

The reallity is that if you are not making a living from your posts, you may end up having more important things that look more like $$$ and forget about your little corner on the web.